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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  August 6, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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one person is in custody for a richmond teenager. what we've learned about the victim and the investigation >> we're following breaking news this morning. we are live at the scene after gunfire in oakland's chinatown neighborhood >> overnight crash in the east bay and two babies are among those hurt >> historic landing on mars. new pictures from the curiosity rover. channel 2 morning news continues >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news >> good morning. thank you for joining us on this monday morning august 6th. i'm pam cook >> and i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic >> hot? >> inland. maybe towards the middle of the week.
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after a cooler weekend, temperatures will rebound. there's a lot of fog out there. 80s and some in the upper 70s. here's sal with an update sglchlt traffic is affected by a crash, big rig crash. live pictures from news chopper 2. right at the 880 inter change. looks like a fuel spill and there is an sig alert in place. still very much working and firefighters are still working on getting someone out from underneath one of these trucks. meanwhile, the traffic is just a mess. this crash has blocked lanes of 238 so this is 238 near 880 and traffic is quickly backing up as you head out toward this scene. give yourself plenty of extra time. this is a major deal for the 580 commute. look at all this slow traffic. now back to northbound 101 approaching 80.
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that traffic looks good. let's go back to the desk. >> all right. time is 6:01. we have new information about the deadly shooting of a high school football player in richmond. allie just talked to the police. what do you know? >> reporter: we've been told they have arrested one person. we just got this update from richmond police. they made this arrest overnight and they are in the process of interviewing that suspect as we speak. we have learned some new information about the victim of this fatal shooting. he was going to be a junior student here at kennedy high school in richmond. his name is grehava and he was a football player. it was around 9:30 last night when him and a friend were walking right across the sheet. witnesses heard someone fire 5 to 6 shots.
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the 16 was struck and died. his sister wanted to tell us about her brother. >> he's been living here all of our lives and everybody know him and he never got into any trouble. he was really friendly, a good brother, a good neighborhood. never gave us any problems. >> reporter: now the sister says her brother was not involved in any gangs. he did not have any sort of criminal record and she says entirely focused on football. the second person who was with the teen when the shooting happened was grazed by a bullet but not injured. richmond police have not identified a motive and have not confirmed whether or not this shooting may have been gang related. and they have arrested someone for this shooting. ktvu channel 2 news >> update on that breaking
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story ktvu was first to report at 5:30. a lot of police activity in oakland's chinatown area. tara now on the scene with what we know about what's going on. >> reporter: we're here on the corner of 7th and webster. we have just received word from police this is a fatal shooting. joining me live from opd is lieutenant kevin wiley >> 4:40 this morning officers responded to calls of a gun shot. upon arrival they found one individual that was diseased. it was a home invasion robbery. at this point we're trying to determine what took police inside the house. information is sketchy at this time sglchlt what about the suspect? any description? i notice you have a perimeter here and condensed it a little bit >> we're still trying to sort out who is who to figure out who the aggressor was.
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we're waiting for a homicide team to respond to evaluate >> do you have anyone in custody? >> we have one person detained but information still needs to be verified >> perhaps the person who was shot was the intruder? >> possibly, yes >> what do people need to know? is the entrance to the tube blocked off? >> we're still conducting a canvas to evaluate that >> so you are going to be here for some time? any idea for how many longer? >> couple more hours >> something folks need to know if you are commuting through oakland. chinatown area. only about two blocks from the opd headquarters. you can imagine they were here very quickly as soon as the incident was reported. as soon as the 911 call came in. there are two people at large at the moment. one dead. and one person in custody. we're live in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news
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>> time is 6:05. police say a 13-year-old boy is one of two people injured in a gang related shooting. this happened last night on south white road outside of a rotten robbie gas station. the gunfire followed a heated confrontation between two groups of young men >> one vehicle opened fire on the other. one being an adult and one a juvenile >> both the 13-year-old boy and the adult victim are expected to survive. police are still searching for the suspects >> the chp says two babies are among the injuries in a car crash in pittsburgh. happened before 1:00 this morning on highway 4 near railroad avenue. the chp says the driver somehow lost control of his vehicle and flipped over and crashed. the victims suffered moderate to minor injuries >> time is 6:06.
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this morning nasa is celebrating a huge success in most ambitious mission to mars. curiosity landed safely on mars right on target inside of a crater on the surface. the scientists hugged and high fived and screamed celebrating as curiosity sending back low resolution photos within moments of touching down. nasa says it is the most important step so far in getting people to another planet in our so long or system >> president obama has laid out a vision to sending people to mars and today's landing marks a significant step to achieving this goal >> for the next two years, they will be drilling down and scooping up oil. looking for signs that the environment could have supported life. >> law makers have left washington d.c. for their five week summer break.
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coming up the crucial work that they have also left undone >> 6:07. a new published report raising concerns about safety tests on many california roads and bridges. it includes the testing of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. highway engineers found quote doctored reports and other suspicious information about several of those tests. however, cal trans is maintaining tests were valid and the new bay bridge is safe >> high winds and thunder storms are making the fight against wild fires a difficult task this morning. the fire burning in the plumas national forest is 120 miles north of sacramento and grown to more than 10 thousands acres. high winds pushed those flames in several directions. another red flag warning is in affect for today. and fire crews say that is their biggest concern as they head to the front lines this morning. rural california land owners will start getting bills
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this week for a state fire fee. the state is charging property owners between $115 and $150 for every habitable building on the land they own. supposed to help pay for fire fighting efforts. the taxpayer association files a lawsuit against the fee saying it is a tax >> 6:08. more than 2 thousands janitors planned a march and rally in downtown this afternoon. start on california street about 2:30. you are looking at video from a protest last week. attracted more than 1 thousands janitors. they don't have a contract and angry about low pay. also a proposal to increase their healthcare costs >> fogging for mosquitos tonight. sellers have a new. the area is being treated
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because west nile virus has been detected >> sal has the chopper helping. we have a lot going on >> we have the open situation where the shooting early this morning. they have opened some of the streets again. they are beginning to open some of the streets again. so you might be able to get to the posey tube pretty soon here on webster. so they have opened it and still police investigation going on here near oakland because of a fatal shooting that police are investigating. it's a homicide investigation. still probably a good area to stay away from. let's move along and take a look at this crash. injury crash news chopper 2. very serious injuries. no. 238 right at 880. down to one lane. the traffic here is very slow. they are taking someone out and putting them on the stretcher. looks like that person may be put into
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the paramedic vehicle shortly. let's move along to the bay bridge toll plaza. back up here in those left lanes. let's go to steve >> thank you. big overcast conditions this mog . decent little sea breeze. gusts to 28. and west 10 at s fo. it's not going to warmup coast or bay that's for sure. and inland temperatures there are signs they'll get back into the 80s or low 90s. high pressure is starting to build back from the midwest or from oklahoma, texas. the western edge will start to warmup. warmer inland, kind of the transition day. a lot more fog north and south as well. 50s, 60s by the beaches. santa cruz a little 70. probably the warmest will be out toward the east bay or lake county. 49
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cool degrees there. 94 clear. 81. 78 petaluma. probably decrease rapidly. low 90s towards pittsburgh. # 8 river more. -- 88 livermore. and 82 cooper. 6 0s on the coast and also in the city. if you are by the coast or near the bay, nice and cool. inland will be warmer. the warmest days look to be thursday and friday. >> thank you. there is a huge fire in sacramento this morning. the warehouse there was empty but the flames spread to a nearby party store. one firefighter may have been hurt. the cause of that fire still under investigation >> 6:12. a bomb rocked the state run tv building in syria this morning. they are lucky more people were not hurt >> we are learning some of the big names who will speak at the
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welcome back. 6:15. three people were hurt in syria after a bomb attack on the state run tv building. that building is right in downtown. look at these pictures. the bomb ripped through the third floor of the building and caused major damage. the serian capital has seen several suicide attacks and
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other bombings as the civil war has escalated. members of congress has left washington for five week break. they've left behind a big messto clean up this fall. >> reporter: california senator diane and local house members are back home trying to get reelected. back here in dc no progress in these empty halls. like what toe do with -- to do with tax increases that kick in at the end of this year. one republican went on tv to call for a temporary fix >> let them fix this with breathing room. >> reporter: also the question of another government shut down if they do not okay a budget by september 30. leaders have reportedly reached a deal but
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not been approved. reporting live alison burns ktvu channel 2 news >> president obama is raising big cash today with help from hollywood. two fundraisers. one is at the home of harvey wine steen. he's expected to raise 2 $.5 million. president and rival mitt romney are locked in with 3 months to go before the election. mitt romney is spending today at vacation home. back out on the campaign trail tomorrow in illinois. speculation has intensified over his choice for a vice presidential running mate >> 6:17. national convention is three wes away and packed with high profile names. john mccain is one. and secretary of
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state condoleezza rice. also address the convention. we still don't know who will deliver the keynote address >> a santa clara real estate agent is expected in court this morning. 50-year-old jill marie silvey convinced people to lend money to homeowners in exchange formoly interest payments. apparently those homeowners did not know about it. if convicted faces 31 years in prison >> major traffic and commute problems. sal knows all about them >> major injury crash here on 238 at 880. right to news chopper 2. this problem has been there now going on 45 minutes. the fire department and emergency crews have been there. major injury crash. and news chopper 2 is showing the back up which stretches all the way through 238 which is a short
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highway. stretches on to inster state 580 westbound. this is giving us major traffic problems on westbound 580. you can see as news chopper 2 is giving us the traffic coming in. this is just a huge traffic jam and you should give yourself plenty of time even if you don't use 238. you might want to consider getting down to fremont. don't come this way unless you are fond in being stuck in slow traffic. a huge traffic messon 580. major traffic problem. stick with us. we'll let you know when it gets better if it does but this is not looking good. this one freeway which is critical getting to the san mateo bridge is blocked with this major injury crash. and they are still out there. this is bad news. let's go to the
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bay bridge toll plaza. backed up for a way. 10 minute wait before you get on to the bridge. if you are driving out to the south bay, northbound 101 beginning to slow down past the 280 inter change. let's go to steve >> pretty good fog bank out there. there is signs warmer for inland. not for the coast and bay. tropical clouds are gone. there's a possibility they may start to come back. building pass towards the west. what's new? inland temperatures will warmup. we'll see if it develops. west south west 20 and gusts up to 28. that's strong sea breeze. west north west at s fo. definitely a sea breeze in place. mainly mid 50s and even upper 40s. a little cooler after saturday's tropical clouds and the big fog bank on sunday.
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does look like the fog will burn off sooner today and warmup. i don't think you'll notice it by the beaches. 60s, 70s. and inland mid 80s to upper 80s and low 90s. warmer temperatures will continue into tuesday. thursday, friday look to be the warmest to hottest days. still a little on the warm side but cooler to the up coming weekend >> retailers are covering promotions but aren't limited to school supplies. back to school promotions are a bit of a stretch. worldwide stereos offering deals on speakers and head phones say they are not for music but top quality audio for lectures. beach bum tanning says it will help you look the best for first class and pro flowers is offering 15% off so you can buy flowers for your teacher. one year since s -- in the
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financial markets. drive up u.s. interest rates pushed the dollar down and pushed investors into close. the dollar has rallied and gold prices are down >> time now 6:21. more than a dozen fires are burning in oklahoma. why is it so hard for firefighters to put them out >> rescue crews look for people missing >> you can get ktvu news to go. download the ktvu ap. click on the live icon. you can watch live on your smart phone. be connected any time anywhere. ♪
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now is 6:24. china is bracing for another tie foon this morning. -- typhoon this morning. five people are still missing. several areas as you can see under water. more than 1 million people were forced to leave their homes >> hot dry weather is making it hard to control wild fires in oklahoma.
6:26 am
18 wild fires have started just since last week. and one of the biggest fires has burned about 91 square miles. thousands of people had to evacuate their homes last week. a lot of them were allowed to go home yesterday. when they did, they found there was nothing left >> we got to maybe try to sift through and find anything that was left over. not a whole lot for them to do >> investigators still don't know what caused the fire. although, one that started on friday, that's being investigated as a possible arson >> been 50 years since marilyn monroe died and hollywood still remembers the star. flowers were placed beside her star on the hollywood walk of fame. her body was found lying on a bed with pills scattered around her. police say she committed suicide but some fans say it was an
6:27 am
accident or she was murdered >> this crash on 238 still blocking a lane. major injury accident. police have now confirmed this is a fatal crash with these two big rigs. and you might not be able to see it but an sedan got wedged between and someone inside that car was killed. we are looking at the traffic badge up here with 238. another update showing us the back up soon. let's go to steve >> thank you. lots of low clouds and fog. the weather looks good. inland temperatures will warmup today. high pressure building back. 80s inland. low 90s. and 60s and 70s coast and bay >> thank you, steve. coming up next at 6 6:30, track defor a community. 6 people shot and killed at a wisconsin temple. new information about the alleged gun man.
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>> reporter: we're live in oakland where one man is shot and killed in a home invasion robbery. it wasn't your typical home. we'll tell you why it was targeted >> and live to the opening bell. up next a lot of talk about best buy today. he's an outcome agent. we should go. if there is hell, now would be the time to bring it on. ♪
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are getting read tee to ringo owe ready to ring the opening bell this morning. pretty good numbers. responding to our job's report. the big talk this morning best buy. some people speculated it would go. but the founder and former chairman is offering to take the company private and price is $24 to $26 a share. that's up about 40% from closing price on friday. we'll have all the business news coming up >> we'll smile and say good morning to you.
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thank you for joining us on ktvu morning news. it's monday august the 6th. i'm dave clard >> i'm pam -- dave clark >> we have learned a robbery attempt turned deadly. happened at a marijuana grow house. tara joins us now with the information. >> reporter: we just learned the house where the shooting happened was a marijuana grow house. if you take a look behind me, the light is still on in the walkway there where all of the detectives are hanging out. police told us three men walked into that residence to steal marijuana, gunfire was exchanged. and one of the suspects was pronounced dead. we got these pictures in of the caretaker of the grow operation. police detained him. he is the one who shot and killed one of the suspects. the other two suspects ran off. police say this is a legal grow house. all of the paperwork and documents
6:32 am
are in order. you can see the plants inside of the building this morning. and police are now trying to figure out how the armed robbery went down >> we were doing a search for possible outstanding suspects. appears they got away if there were other people outstanding. >> reporter: now, police tell us they will keep two lanes closed here on 7th and webster happening between webster and franklin while they continue their investigation. two suspects still on the loose. we don't have any descriptions of them. that caretaker has been taken to headquarters for questioning. ktvu channel 2 news >> time now 6:32. now we know the name of the alleged shooter in the attack at a temple in wisconsin. thank you for joining us. i know you have the latest on what's happening, renee. >> reporter: i'm sorry, i can
6:33 am
tell you more about the suspected shooter. we know he is 40-year-old wade michael p aig e. that is according to police. police releasing the name this morning. they also say the gun used in this shooting, he owned legally. according to witnesses, they say that he had a tattoo. a september 11th tattoo on his arm. he was wearing a white shirt, bald headed and according to the authorities, they say they are looking into his military past. apparently he was in the army. however, he left the army in 1998 after quote patterns of misconduct. so he was discharged. again, police looking into his military background. and say also looking into whether essay white surpremasist >> what do we know about the
6:34 am
ripple affect about what that has caused there? >> reporter: i can just tell you the area surrounding this is a pretty reshl area. many -- residential area. many people in a state of shock and sadness that something so violent would happen inside of this temple here in the early morning hours right before service. when this happened, people were reading scripture. women who were inside of the kitchen preparing food for other people who would be coming to worship. as they would do for sunday service when this all broke out. just a very very sad feeling within this community. we can tell you that is what people are saying around here. we can tell you there is a lot of security around this temple, in particular, but other temples as well. here as well as in other states they have
6:35 am
upped the security just to make sure that doesn't happen again. just really be on guard here >> before you go, what do we know about the victims who were injured? do we know anything? >> reporter: we do. at last check this morning , the three victims remain in the hospital. listed in critical condition. we can tell you that one of the three victims is a police officer. one of the police officers was first on scene here. the gun man opened fire on him and remains in the hospital >> thank you very much >> three firefighters were hurt battling a late night fire. ktvu's matt joins us now with what we have learned so far >> just a few moments ago a man drove up and walked in with the
6:36 am
owner. the lights are back on. you can also see the front rolling door to this shop boarded up. just after 11:00 last night. headed to the roof to allow some of the heat and smoke to escape. once inside they ran into dangerous conditions >> we had three firefighters injured. two were released and one pending at this point. two were injured from falling debris. and one smoke inhalation. >> the firefighters say they were able to put out the flames quickly. investigators believe the fire started accidentally. i spoke with the owner about ten minutes ago and told me he is still planning on opening today. he says cars were inside at the time of the fire and did suffer smoke damage. reporting live, matt keller ktvu channel 2 news >> 6:36. san francisco police will hold
6:37 am
a news conference this week. weekend police shooting. late saturday afternoon on d dakota street. police say they were forced to shoot a man who threatened them with a gun. that man was wounded and expected to survive. no police officers were hurt >> a hostage stand off at a sporting goods store ended peacefully. after 4 hours the suspect turned himself in. the man walked into the store about 11:00. police say he grabbed an 18-year-old store clerk by the next and fired shots into the air. two workers were held hostage but not hurt >> 6:37. antinuclear activists will prote the japanese consolate marking the 67th anniversary of the day the
6:38 am
u.s. dropped the atomic bomb. yesterday protestors marched on the livermore lab because of its work. and among the protestors someone who survived the bombing. >> immediately covered my eyes. and i saw even to this day, i clearly remember. i saw the fingers. the booms. the burns on my fingers as if i was looking at x ray film >> the protestors are targeting the japanese console calling for nuclear free japan. following the melt down after the quake and tsunami last year. the 67th anniversary was marked with this memorial ceremony.
6:39 am
it was attended by the grandson of president harry truman who ordered theuclear attack. in a news conference, clifton truman daniels says he's committing to doing all ectomake sure weapons are never used again. >> scientists of the mars mission exploded into tears when they new the rover arrived safely on the surface of the planet. the white house was thrilled with the news >> i'm sure they were. 6:39. we have unbelievable nightmare commute problems this morning. just tip them off >> this is why people turn on the news and want to see what their commute is looking like. you are looking at this major problem. this has been a fatal accident now for more than an
6:40 am
hour. 238 at 880. someone apparently was trying to cut off and ended up in between two big rigs. that's what we're being told by chp. 238 is messed up. 580 is backed up. you are seeing this at home this morning, you don't want to get on to 580. unfortunately a lot of people have no choice. 580 is one of the major freeways coming in from the liver more valley. look at this huge back up. stretching farther than we can see up into the dublin grade. bart, there goes bart in the middle. bart is a good option. ditch the car and get on a bart train. or you can use northbound 6880 to westbound -- 680 westbound 24. that lane is still closed. let's go to other
6:41 am
things. bay bridge backed up. about a 10 minute delay . south bay, happily we don't have a lot going on. northbound 85 and 87 a crash on the shoulder. we're off to a decent monday start. let's go to steve >> thank you. a lot of fog out there. big fog bank. a little shallower today. making good push inland. and the impact will be it will still be cool. warmup inland maybe as much as 4, 8, 10 degrees as some. west north west 10 at sfo. still a little component of a sea breeze. concord is about the only observation that comes out that says clear. everyone else says cloudy. tropical clouds have moved off. more back in on wednesday. keep an eye on that. low overcast. warmer inland
6:42 am
. but upper 70s or 80s for some. lake county. sonoma at 80. 78 for petaluma. 8 9 fairfield. that has to come down. 86 to low 90s out to brentwood. 70 berkeley. 80 san jose. 80 santa clara. fremont , 77. 65 in the city and 60s on the coast. warmer weather will continue inland. there's no north or northeast wind. take the brunt of any warming. we'll continue the clouds on wednesday and giving way to the hottest temperatures on thursday and friday >> a tragic weekend for nascar fans. the unusual event that killed one fan and sent several others to the hospital. >> reporter: one person is in custody after the fatal shooting
6:43 am
of a richmond teen. what we've learned about the victim and why the family believes he may have been targeted sglchlt traffic is going to be busy. major crash in the east bay. it's time to change the way we clean.
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new lysol power & free. powerful cleaning that's family friendly. another step forward in our mission for health. good morning. lots of low clouds and fog.
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that will burn off and temperatures inland will come up. 60s and 70s by the coast >> welcome back. good morning to you. quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you at 6:45. just hours ago oakland police say a robbery attempt at a marijuana grow house in the chinatown area turned deadly. police say three men tried to steal marijuana from that grow house at 7th and webster. the caretaker of the grow operation shot and killed one of the suspects. the other suspects got away. law enforcement officials say the alleged shooter at the temple in wisconsin was a 40-year-old. military veteran named wade michael page. shot and killed him after he opened fire killing 6 people and injuring three others. he was reduced in rank before he was discharged from the army in 1998. and good news this morning,
6:47 am
the mars rover is sending back black and white photos from where it safely landed on mars. low resolution photos show the inside of the crater on mars the rover curiosity will explore looking for signs of life. color photos are expected later this week >> richmond police are questioning the suspect of a deadly shooting of a high school football player. tells us what she is learning about the investigation. >> reporter: we still don't know the name or the age of the person who was arrested but richmond police did bring a person into custody for the fatal shooting of a teenager. 16-year-old grehava. he was a student here in richmond. played on the football team and was preparing for the up coming school year. would have been a junior. and the up coming football season. season opener is later this month. he and a friend were walking across the
6:48 am
street. neighbors in the area reported hearing five to six shots fired. he was struck and died at the scene. his sister wanted to tell us about her brother. not involved in any gangs. never gotten into trouble and focused on playing sports at school. >> everybody around this neighborhood knew him and knew he was a very good boy. and only mistake he made was he was wearing the wrong color. he was wearing red >> richmond police are looking into weather the shooting may have been gang related. they don't know whether the young man's clothing may have made him a target. the other person who was walking with him when the shooting happened was grazed by a bullet but that second person was not serious injured. police do have a suspect in custody and in the process of interviewing that person as we speak. live in richmond, ktvu channel 2 news
6:49 am
>> time is 6:48. lightning hit a nascar race in pennsylvania killing one spectator and injured 9 others. all happened yesterday in pennsylvania. the race had to be canceled because of all the storms. and fans had to run for cover. one person in the hospital this morning listed in critical condition >> sal has an update on that fatal crash >> 238 northbound right before 880. that badly damaged car there finally trying to tow it away. they want to preserve the evidence of this crash one car in between two big rigs at 880. and the investigation continues. this was first reported after 5:20. here we are almost two hours later and you can see traffic on 238 is at a standstill.
6:50 am
barely moving and 580 is our news chopper 2 tilts up, 580 is backed up and before too long this will start to merge with the liver more commute. are you kidding me? no, i'm not. i would advise you to use an alter nate route. 680 north, south or just going a short way or avoid the freeway. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. backed up for 10 minute wait. southbound 101 and 280. still look pretty good. let's go to steve >> thank you. most locations a cloudy. clear skies there. and tom says fog is burning off. but mainly cloudy. a lot of low clouds around.
6:51 am
still a decent sea breeze. they are under clear skies. other locations in the 40s including clear lake at 44. middle down 49. very cool for this time of year. moves north and out of the picture. 60s, 70s, 80s and 9 0s for some. but again, upper 80s for many. and a good 5 to 10 degree warmup. so fairfield in there. 94. even though it's 44. huge 50 degree spread. 87 pleasant ton and 74. 84 degrees. 77 for rima. p acifica, too much fog. looks warmer through the interior into wednesday, thursday, friday. and a little cooler as we get to the weekend >> thank you. best buy's founder wants to take the company private. he is offering
6:52 am
to buy the shares for as much as $26. $8 higher than the closing price on friday. already owns 20% of the company and finance the deal with $1 billion of his own money. best buy stock up about 17% this morning >> time now 6:51. a disruption at the olympics . that was aimed at the runners as a big race was about to begin >> investigation begins into the death of an nfl's son. what the coach wants his players to do. this is an rc robotic claw.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. taking you live to the big board. up 72 points right now. nasdaq and s and p also up as much. and best buy on the news the company founder wanting to take the company private. that stock up 18% >> time now 6:55. police in pennsylvania investige death of the son of philadelphia eagle's coach andy reid. garret was found dead in a dorm room yesterday. his death is not suspicious. he had a long history of drug problems >> he's always been strong for us. we're going to be strong for him right now.
6:56 am
as a father and friend, we're all hurting. >> coach andy reid asked the team to continue on with the training camp. garret had been acting as a strength coach for the team. not uncommon for the sons of the coaches to do that >> ch p is investigating a fatal accident on inter state 80. happened before 9:00 last night near green valley road. one person was killed in a crash involving a motorcycle and a car. the accident shut down all westbound lanes of 880 for nearly 90 minutes >> volunteers say they will replace crosses that were vandalized at a peace memorial. 60 to 70 crosses were damaged or ripped out of the ground. and these pictures were taken by volunteers working to restore that display. each cross represents a soldier service person killed in iraq or afghanistan. volunteers will
6:57 am
stop replacing the -- will start replacing the crosses this saturday >> a man was arrested for throwing a plastic bottle on the track after a second before the men's 100 meter final. take a look at the video. if you look closely you can see the bottle being thrown out there. it landed right behind the runners. standing next to the man was edith who won a bronze medal. that's her with the dark hair. she got so upset with the man she hit him. most of the runners say they were so focused they didn't even notice >> you'll notice the problems in our commute this morning. almost hard to even talk about >> that's right 238 at 580 blocked with a fatal crash. there was the car that's involved. we'll have details on what happened. this is horrible. moving along and taking a look at the toll plaza, 8 minute delay.
6:58 am
and peninsula, traffic traffic looks good >> fog beginning to burn off. warmer inland. 4 to 8 degrees. and some of the inland locations could jump back into the 90s. a lot of 60s and 70s >> also coming up on mornings on 2, the breaking news we've been following, new information on a deadly shooting in oklahoma's chinatown >> also an overnight fire at a car repair shop. update on injured firefighters. stay right here with us. >> time and temperature brought to you by must be nice, cheering on team usa from the shallow end.
6:59 am
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